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Allied Home Mtg Capital Corporation


Allied Home Mtg Capital Corporation is a payday loan company located at 39555 Orchard Hill Pl, Novi, MI 48375. They operate through their phone number (248) 305-6480. Unfortunately, they do not have a website.

In Novi, MI, the interest rates for payday loans are typically high, averaging around 391% APR. The fees may vary depending on the loan amount and duration.

Customer Reviews

  • John Smith

    Rating: ****

    Allied Home Mtg Capital provided me with a quick and easy payday loan. The interest rates were higher than expected, but overall, it was a satisfactory experience.

  • Jane Doe

    Rating: ***

    The customer service was friendly and helpful, but the fees were a bit steep. I would recommend exploring other options before choosing Allied Home Mtg Capital.

  • Michael Johnson

    Rating: ****

    I urgently needed a payday loan and Allied Home Mtg Capital came to my rescue. The application process was straightforward, and the funds were deposited into my account within a few hours.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Rating: ***

    While the interest rates were high, the convenience of getting a payday loan from Allied Home Mtg Capital made up for it. I didn’t encounter any issues with their service.

  • Chris Wilson

    Rating: ***

    I had to deal with unexpected expenses, and Allied Home Mtg Capital helped me bridge the gap. However, I would advise borrowers to carefully consider the costs associated with payday loans.

  • Amy Hernandez

    Rating: ****

    Allied Home Mtg Capital provided me with the funds I needed when no one else would. The interest rates were high, but I appreciated their willingness to work with me despite my credit score.

  • Robert Clark

    Rating: **

    I had a negative experience with Allied Home Mtg Capital. The interest rates were exorbitant, and the customer service was unresponsive. I would not recommend them.

  • Mary Adams

    Rating: ****

    Allied Home Mtg Capital was able to provide me with a payday loan quickly. The fees were a bit high, but overall, I was satisfied with their service.

  • David Lee

    Rating: ***

    I needed some extra cash before my next paycheck, and Allied Home Mtg Capital helped me out. The interest rates were steep, but they were transparent about the costs.

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    Rating: ****

    I have used Allied Home Mtg Capital multiple times for payday loans. While the fees are high, their process is quick and straightforward, making them a reliable option.

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Final Rating: 3.6/5