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Allied Cash Advance Review: Payday Loans in Plainwell, MI

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Allied Cash Advance is a payday loan company located at 1221 M-89 Suite 400, Plainwell, MI 49080. They can be contacted at (269) 685-9657. Their mode of operation is in-store visits.

For the city of Plainwell, MI, Allied Cash Advance offers payday loans with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of approximately 390%. The loan fees vary based on the loan amount, but typically range from $15 to $87.50 per $100 borrowed.


Review 1: * * * *

Quick and easy process. Friendly staff.

Review 2: * * * *

The interest rates are high, but the convenience of getting the loan in person makes up for it.

Review 3: * * * *

I have used Allied Cash Advance multiple times and they always provide great service.

Review 4: * * * *

Helped me out in a time of need. The application process was simple and the staff was helpful.

Review 5: * * *

The repayment terms are a bit strict, but overall satisfied with the service.

Review 6: * * * * *

Allied Cash Advance has been my go-to for payday loans. Their rates are competitive and the staff is knowledgeable.

Review 7: * * * *

Great customer service, but the interest rates are a bit too high.

Review 8: * * *

The loan process was quick, but the fees were a bit steep.

Review 9: * * * *

Allied Cash Advance helped me out when I was in a bind. The fees were reasonable and the staff was friendly.

Review 10: * * * *

Decent rates and friendly staff. Would recommend.

Review 11: * * *

The loan fees are too high, but the service was good.

Review 12: * * *

Overall satisfied with the process, but the interest rates are too high for my liking.

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