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Michigan Payday Loans Online for Bad Credit

A payday loan is a small short-term unsecured loan that often comes with high APR. Payments are typically due within 1-2 weeks.

All you need to do to get a Michigan payday loan online is to fill out an application from the comfort of your home and get connected to the right lender from our network of reliable lenders. You can have cash in your account the same day. You do not need to collect many documents or look for collateral.

Using our matching service, you can get bad credit payday loans in Northern Michigan. Loan amounts range from $200 to $5,000. The approved amount depends on several factors: state laws and regulations, lender’s policies, your income, etc.

Usually, the decision is made by a lender right away. Our referral service processes your request and matches you with the best lender in a couple of minutes.

Who is eligible for a payday loan?

Each state and lender has its own eligibility criteria. Usually, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a U.S. citizen or legal resident;
  • have a bank account in your name;
  • have a valid phone number and email address;
  • be employed and have a regular income.

Most cases from our network work with bad credit and approve you even if you have no credit.

Advantages of payday loans Michigan

We offer multiple advantages for potential borrowers.

  • Online and easy application;
  • Immediate decision and fast funding;
  • Convenient loan repayment;
  • Bad credit is ok;
  • Loan extension option;
  • Money for any purpose;
  • No proof of income required;
  • No collateral required;
  • Secure website;
  • Most applications approved;
  • Bonuses and discounts for regular customers.

Michigan cities with best payday loan approvals

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Get The Funds Right Away

Lenders from our network of reliable lenders can fund Michigan payday loans within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Transparent Terms and Conditions

You will be provided with clear terms and conditions. You will know precisely what you are getting and the definite amount you will need to repay.

Online Process

By completing a loan application online, you save your time and efforts. This is quickly and easily. However, if you prefer doing business in person, you can visit the lender’s store.

Secure Website

Our website uses up-to-date encryption and security protocols so your personal data is safe and secure. You can do business with bad credit loans Michigan knowing that your private data won't be stolen by third parties.

A Wide Range of Lenders

We cooperate with a wide range of licensed and trusted lenders who provide payday loans Detroit MI. There is no need to search for the best lender. We will analyze our loan request and match you with the right lender.

Bad Credit is OK

Unlike most financial institutions, lenders from our network work with any credit. You can even be approved if you have no credit at all.

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Very easy to navigate through the entire process. Got approved and had the funds in my account within 30 minutes. Great service!

Esther Echols

Excellent service! staff very helpful and made it easy for me to fill in the documents! Fantastic website! Thank you.

Shannon Abreu

Very quick result, filled out an application within a couple of minutes, very happy with my payday loan, so easy!! my money was in my account within 10 minutes of applying!

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