Youth CDs
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Youth CDs

You're never too young to get a grown-up rate of interest. With a Youth Certificate of Deposit, you can get a fixed rate of return for the term that fits your schedule. This account provides additional interest earning potential and promotes saving early on.

  • Fixed rate of interest
  • Terms from 3 months to 5 years
  • Automatically renewable
  • Penalty for early withdrawal*
  • Open with as little as $100

Take a look at our rates.

Youth Easy Access CD

Open a 7 or 15-month Easy Access CD and earn a higher rate of interest on your balance while maintaining penalty-free** access to your money with a seven-day notice.

*3-month interest penalty for early withdrawals from 3 to 12-month CDs. 12-month interest penalty for early withdrawals from CDs with terms greater than 12 months.

**Penalty-free withdrawals from the Youth Easy Access CD are allowed in $500 increments when a written notification is received 7 days in advance of the transaction. Limit to 1 penalty-free transaction every 7 days. If notification is not provided, a penalty equal to 12 months of interest on the amount withdrawn is imposed. If the account is closed within the first 90 days, a $25 fee will be imposed.

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