• Certificates of Deposit

    Earn a great return on your money and maximize your FDIC insurance coverage to protect your assets.

    • Flexible interest payment options
    • Terms from 3 months to 5 years
    • Open with as little as $500

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  • Health Savings CDs

    Once you've set up a HSA, you can earn a good rate on the funds you set aside by placing them in a linked CD.

    • Attached to HSA NOW account
    • Fixed rate until first maturity
    • Access during renewal period

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  • Easy Access CDs

    Lock in a fixed rate with the option of penalty-free withdrawals.

    • Easy access to your funds
    • CD level rates
    • Open with as little as $500

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  • Youth CDs

    This account provides additional interest earning potential and promotes saving early on.

    • Flexible terms
    • Automatically renewable
    • Open with as little as $100

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  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

    Save for retirement now so you can enjoy your golden years in style. It begins by working with the right financial partner.

    • Available as savings account or CD
    • Long and short-term options
    • FDIC insured

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