• Commercial Lender

    Our lending team has the information and the experience you need to make the loan process fast and easy.

    • Experienced loan officers
    • First-class service
    • Personal attention

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  • Commercial Term Loans

    Build your business with financial backing from First Federal. We can provide the support you need.

    • Competitive rates
    • Up to a seven-year term
    • Local decisions

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  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    Whether you're a startup company or an established business looking for room to grow, we can help.

    • Loans secured by property
    • Flexible terms
    • Local decisions

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  • Commercial Revolving Lines of Credit

    It's hard to predict what lies ahead for you and your business, but with a line of credit, you're ready for anything.

    • Competitive rates
    • Pay for only what you use
    • Easy access to funds

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  • Commercial Construction Loans

    Build it yourself with tailored financing that fits your needs and helps you get the job done.

    • Interest-only payments during construction
    • Local experts
    • Personal service

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  • SBA and USDA Loans

    Get your new or expanding business off and running in the right direction with a government-guaranteed loan.

    • Fixed or variable rates
    • Government guaranteed
    • Based on approved credit

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  • Letters of Credit

    Simplify your business dealings and get additional bargaining power to help facilitate certain transactions.

    • Assures 3rd parties of payment
    • Facilitates transactions
    • Available to commercial customers

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