• Merchant Services

    Open up your business by offering customers the ability to pay with their credit and debit cards.

    • Increase cash flow
    • Added customer convenience
    • Low fees

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  • Online Banking

    Take your financial operations to the next level with our premium online banking and cash management system.

    • Available 24 hours a day
    • Easy to use
    • Securely encrypted

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  • ACH Origination

    Use our secure electronic transfer system to make getting and receiving payment fast and easy.

    • Direct deposit
    • Tax payments
    • Point-of-purchase

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  • Merchant Capture

    Cut down on trips to the bank and time lost standing in line at the teller by depositing checks electronically.

    • Save time and expense
    • Deposit checks electronically
    • Get funds credited faster

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  • Pay Cards

    Operational Cost Savings for employers plus convenience for unbanked employees!

    • Reduced check handling costs
    • Reduced check fraud & stop payment costs
    • Reduced lost check replacement costs

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