Officers and Directors


Michael Mahler

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jerome Tracey

Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer

Eileen Budnick

Vice President, Director of Financial Reporting & Accounting

Linda Sansom

Senior Vice President Mortgage & Consumer Lending

Joseph Gentry

Vice President Human Resources

Kathy Brown

Vice President Compliance

Shauna McLean

Internal Auditor

Steve Mousseau

Vice President Information Technology

Jerry Schmidt

Vice President Commercial Services

Tom Hendricks

Assistant Vice President Commercial Services

Tifianie Tremble

Vice President, Director of Treasury Management Services

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Martin Thomson-Chairman (since 1986)

Michael Mahler-President & CEO (since 2007)

Keith Wallace-Director (since 1988)

Gary VanMassenhove-Director (since 2001)

Thomas Townsend-Director (since 2002)

James Kraenzlein-Director (since 2013)